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Fr. Peter Mussett

As the pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic center Fr. Peter, affectionately known as FP, has developed a deep love of scripture through his love for 3-D photography. Well not really, its actually the other way around. Finding that there was Typology, that Jesus is present in all the stories of the Old testament, he had an awakening. This podcast, celebrated in lanky pride is at service to finding Jesus everywhere.

Scott Powell

Being a scriptural genius is not easy. As the director of scriptural formation at the St. Thomas Aquinas center in Boulder, and a native of that same town, his methods are odd and his message true. He is known to be a man who can make anything interesting. The story is the essence of life and his passion for the story of our salvation will become ever more interesting to you as you engage. Follow us on the journey through scripture in the liturgy!

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